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Mitchells Joinery - Craftsmen in wood and specialised veneers

Joinery that Speaks for You

We can take your vision and shape it into a reality for you with beautiful hardwoods and veneers. We can apply eye catching surfaces that make your table or surface a glowing talking point. (see liquid glass)

Mitchells joinery has been an Auckland Company for over 40 years and is valued by hundreds of customers over the years from all callings. From home and commercial furnishings, right up to Superyacht owners looking for that special fitout and know how.

We have been there, we have the skills and above all we love what we do.

Mitchells. Artists in wood

Our care to detail provides that little bit extra. And we are happy to incorporate your special requirements to make the whole project personal to you.

Browse the selections on the left and bring your ideas to us. We will transform it into something special you will be proud of.


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