Timber Kit-sets and Mouldings

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Mitchells stocks a large range of handcrafted timber trims and mouldings that can apply to all sectors of the marine industry. Available in Teak, Kauri or Mahogany, these stock items are available on a one off basis or as part of a Kitset for OEM builders. They can also be incorporated into a custom build project.


We supply over the counter or by mail order. These standard timber trim mouldings are great for refurbishment or for building into new projects.

As can be seen from the catalogue page there are dozens of designs and options for most common application areas such as table tops, corner posts, door stiles, handrails. There are various rebate options but we are happy to look at slight variations to suit a particular customer or project. Just ask and we are happy to discuss.

See the Image catalogue and view 3D images of the various profiles.

Trade Kitsets and Assemblies

For Boat Builders and production line craft.

Mitchells can combine its standard Trims and Mouldings with custom design to produce a standard set of Kit parts to suit a particular range of craft. The major benefit is that the builder can call on a standard set which can be supplied quickly and easily drop fitted into the hull. This saves time and expense and provides a first class job.

Kitsets can cover any combination for doors, louvre assemblies, teak decking and table top fits. Supplied as partly assembled or loose, the Kit set can be supplied glued and varnished.