Media Home Office

Most of us work from home as well as the office. Your data moves with you so why not your office?

Mitchells home office is made with solid hardwoods combined with the latest in technology. A well organised space for you when you get home and plug in your laptop.

The Office

Solid hardwood desktop 40mm thick and formed to fit a corner. The rounded internal corner gives you huge reach with a screen at the back. 30mm shelving vertical supports and all polished or varnished. Adjustable shelf supports to suit your collection of files and books.

Discrete LED strip down lighting and on the back wall a pinboard and organiser.


The scourge of modern technology is the plethora of power leads, ethernet cables, backup disks nearly all with the ugly black power plug.

Mitchells Office solution is a discrete hidden shelf below so that you can place all the cables and power units on. On the desktop at the back, there are cable slots so you feed up the ones you need direct to your laptop. Power points on the rear wall and even a panel with multiple ethernet points and USB connectors so you can connect or charge your devices as you wish

Up top large screens and even a mountable TV screen so you can keep your eye on things important while you are working.