Custom Joinery Products Since the 1970s

Originally formed in the mid 1970’s Mitchells has provided the marine industry with joinery, timber moulding products and kitset mouldings for over 30 years and are a supplier to many of NZ’s leading production boat brands.

Mitchells Joinery
Mitchells Joinery

Work Best Practices

Our years of experience have shown that it is very beneficial to provide mezzanine docking inside the shed for yachts that come in for a refit. The purpose and benefit of this is to minimize the use and cost of scaffolding and to enable craftsmen to easily access the vessel at deck level. By minimising walk time from boat to bench and back, it makes the whole access and operation of the refit much more effective and economical.

For Joinery work in particular, the meticulous fitting and adjustments demand easy access for the joinery equipment.

Good result for our guys and you the customer.