Commercial fit out

Custom Promotional Solutions

Our expert craftsman have the skills and knowledge to create something special.

Give us a challenge and we can create something a little different but all to your specification and taste.
We can handle the artistic and the unusual.

Mitchells Joinery
Mitchells Joinery

Dramatic Finishes

A speciality finish of Mitchells is called Liquid Glass. A poured surface that sets like glass, giving a hard tough surface but with superb visual impact.

The depth of up to 3mm not only provides a solid wearable surface but also protects the precious veneers of hardwood joinery beneath. Easily repaired if severely impacted, it protects your precious investment.

Enables sub surface placements of items, logos.

Shop Displays, Exhibitions, Internal Finishings and Highlights

We get asked to look at and create specialised shop counters and display panels; also exhibition panels, mobile caravan exhibits through to acoustic doors.

The finishings and joinery are just part of a bigger picture. Be you an architect, home lover or just love design itself, a combination of craftsmanship and expressive wall and feature coverings, can create the inspiring effect you seek. All these fitouts have special requirements, and we can apply the joinery skills to make it happen.

Liquid glass is often a finishing touch.